How Do QR Codes Benefit Local Businesses?

No matter how large or how small the business is, it can benefit from the use of QR codes. There are many ways that QR codes can be used to help promote the business. Here are a few ways to use these new codes:

•Printed Flyers or Advertising
•TV Ads
•Bills or Company Mailings
•Social Media Outlets
•Sales Notices or Special Events

One of the main advantages of these codes is it is free advertising. Perhaps there is a great coupon a business is offering. One can simply share with friends and tell them all about it. Once the information is stored in the phone, it is up to the smart phone user to delete it. It is also easy for the phone’s owner to instantly add the business as a contact on their phone. This could mean major perks when, for instance, ordering a pizza on the go. If the information is in their phone, they will be more likely to use the one that is at their fingertips.

Many business owners do not know where to start or even if they want to invest money in this new marketing. However, it can easily be done online and for little cost. To generate the codes is free. There are numerous websites online which will do this for you. The business will need to have a smart developer on hand to be able to complete this.

Americans are just scratching the surface on how these QR codes will benefit their business, but things look promising. As of now, very few businesses are actually utilizing this technology; however, projections show that by the end of 2012, nearly every business will be using these codes. If nothing else, they can be an open door to discuss the business and the ability for a sales call. Any business that uses social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube can easily start using these codes on these sites.

Many business owners might not know how the coding could benefit their business, especially old- school companies. Actually, they can benefit any size company and the return on investment can be rewarding. Here are some things these codes can help distribute:

•Details about a business product
•Company contact information
•Sales events and offer promotions
•Specific details about products
•Competitors details and information
•Social Media ID’s-How to follow on these outlets
•Link customers to a You Tube page and company videos

While planning for this new wave of the technological future, it is important to remember that not everyone has a smart phone. Then, there is another percentage of those who have smart phones but do not utilize these applications. However, by placing a link beside the code, people will be able to get the same information or deal when they use their computer.